With the discovery of America, Seville became the largest fabric exporter in the world, and even today, traces of this trade continue. Do not forget to visit Galleries Madrid or Almacenes Arias to get into its surprising Sevillian patios and enjoy its large collections of fabrics.


In addition, in this city, religious artistic production is a worldwide reference. This type of handicraft, linked to Holy Week, has allowed the survival of craft guilds with centuries of history. Thus, traditional workshops of embroidery in gold, goldsmithery, cabinetmaking, imagery or cerería, dotted some of the most flavorful streets in the city where many charming small art shops resist the passage of time.

About goldsmiths, a magnificent example is Orfebrería Seco, in Alfonso XII street. This family business of craftsmen, specialized in working noble materials such as gold, silver or bronze since the mid-nineteenth century, is responsible for the main restoration works carried out in the Cathedral.


The tradition of hand embroidery in Seville is also more alive than ever thanks to Holy Week. The numerous workshops throughout the capital and its province are the cradle of gold embroidery for liturgical garb and cofrades.


In Galleries Madrid you will find the fabrics for the tunics and cloaks of the brotherhoods (nazarenos) of all Spain, hoods, cíngulos and esparto belts, among others.

To impregnate  with the true essence of Sevillian Easter, Tour Cofrade carries out specific routes throughout the year to visit temples, brotherhoods and workshops related to one of our most important celebrations. The company also has a special program during Holy Week which includes morning visits to three churches, the visit of the famous sculptor Jesús Méndez Lastrucci and his workshop, a lunch in the restaurant El Cabildo and chairs in official careers to enjoy the passing of all sororities.


Due to its privileged location on Sierpes Street, where many processions take place, Epicentro Hotel is an ideal accommodation for those who visit us during our Holy Week.

It is worth checking the dates of the different expositions that the most famous local artists celebrate throughout the year in different establishments, cultural centers and churches of the city center.